New North Carolina Expunction Law

Recently, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed Senate Bill 445 into law. This law has a major impact on those who have past criminal records in North Carolina. An expungement is a process that one can go through in order to get certain past criminal charges and/or convictions off their criminal record. There are very strict parameters for who and how someone can go about getting an expungement. However, Governor Cooper has recently made this process a lot easier, in an effort to help those who have turned their life around but are still being negatively impacted from their troubled past. The new expunction law goes into effect December of 2017.


Prior to this new law, someone had to wait 15 years before they qualified to get an expungement for a non-violent felony or misdemeanor. Now, the new law provides that a person has to wait only 10 years for a non-violent felony and only 5 years for a misdemeanor conviction in order to qualify for an expunction. Also, the current law provides that a person can only get one expunction in their lifetime. Under the new law, a person can qualify for multiple expunctions for charges that the person was either found not guilty of or for charges that were dismissed.


If you are struggling with finding a job, receiving government assistance, qualifying for subsidized housing, or facing any other set-backs due to charges or convictions on your past criminal record, give our office a call. We will be glad to assist you in getting an expunction and wiping the slate clean so that you can no longer be held back from something that occurred in your past.  1-888-748-KING (5464)