Keeping Track of Points on Your License

In North Carolina, if you receive a certain amount of points on your NC Driver’s License, you could be facing a probationary period or possible suspension of your license altogether.

If you receive a traffic ticket, a fine and court costs are not the only possible severe consequences that you could face. Certain traffic offenses carry a statutorily-set amount of points that will be put on your license and show up on your driving record if you are convicted. For example, if you receive a ticket for speeding in excess of fifty-five miles per hour and are ultimately convicted of the speeding charge, you will receive three points on your license. If you are charged and convicted of reckless driving, you will receive four points on your license. For an exhaustive list of traffic offenses that carry points, see North Carolina General Statute §20-16.

If you receive ten points on your license, you could possibly be facing a probationary period regarding your license, which means the DMV will put a watch on your license for any further traffic offenses you may commit. And, ultimately, if you receive twelve or more points on your license within a three year period, you could be facing suspension of your driver’s license. The first license suspension will be for no more than sixty days. If it is your second suspension, it will be for a period not to exceed six months and, any subsequent suspensions will be for a period not to exceed one year.

If you are facing possible suspension of your license, or are simply charged with a traffic offense, it is important to contact an attorney so that they can get the best result possible for you and hopefully prevent any serious consequences regarding your NC driver’s license.