Why Is My Child Charged As An Adult?

In North Carolina a child who commits or violates a criminal law of the state may be charged as an adult in several situations.  This may be contrary to what you have read elsewhere online, and that is because North Carolina is one of only two states remaining where 16 year olds are automatically charged as an adult in all cases of felonies or misdemeanors.  While there have been campaigns in recent history to change the law regarding the age of majority for criminal cases, this is how it still works in North Carolina.

But what if your child isn’t 16? What if they are 13, 14, or 15?

In this case, the most likely course is that the matter will be handled in the Juvenile Court, although there are times when the state may choose to transfer to the Court’s adult division.  The state has the option of transferring a matter when the crime committed was very serious, if the juvenile has previously been tried and convicted as an adult, or if the minor child has an extensive record as a juvenile.

If your child was 13 or younger when they committed a criminal violation, then the matter will remain in Juvenile Court.

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