What Is Client Services?

What Is Client Services?

By Carrie Ruff, summer intern


They’re always there to answer when you call, they greet you with radiant smiles, they are the very center of all organization, and still manage to make time to keep the highly-popular mint bowl stocked for attorneys, interns, and clients to enjoy. Who are they? Client services of course. They are the faces of King Law Offices, and besides being the first voice you ever hear when you make that first call, or the last face you see as you walk out the door, the client services team is there to make sure your King Law experience is a smooth and satisfying one.


If you have ever been to King Law’s Rutherfordton or Marion locations, chances are high that you have met this proficient team, and if you have ever called any King Law location, I can assure you that this team is with whom you have spoken. Client services seeks to assist you from that first phone call. They answer your call, they access your legal needs, preform conflict checks to confirm that there is no issue with providing legal services, help place you with an attorney depending on those legal needs and your location, arrange a consultation, and set up a file that will develop through your King Law experience. One member of the client services team compared this process to being a matchmaker for the potential clients and the attorneys. I found this to be an amusing, yet, completely logical explanation of the process. Client services strives to make sure your King Law experience is a rewarding one, so it would follow that client services would find each potential client an attorney that is well-versed in their particular area of need, and complimentary to each client’s individuality.


King Law is rapidly growing; yet, with twelve office locations, client services still manages the calls from all of these areas and everywhere in-between. Such a wide range of callers leads to a large call volume (especially during lunch hours), yet I have witnessed first-hand the patience, professionalism, and persistence client services exhibits even in the most demanding of times. When the pressure is on, they know exactly how to handle chaos in an orderly, cooperative, and timely manner. Essentially, they are the fuel that keeps the King Law engine running efficiently.


If you get the chance to contact King Law offices, the client services team would love to hear from you! You can contact this team to schedule your free consultation by calling 888-748-KING (5464) or emailing clientservices@kinglawoffices.com.


Also,  a special thank you to Ms. Patti Winn and Ms. Amanda Morrow for allowing me to observe and interview them as members of the client services team, and even letting me take a mint or two…or six.