Behind the Scenes with Attorney Ivana Hughes


First of all, I would like to note that despite the title of this blog, this is not a tabloid and attorneys are not dramatic Hollywood performers, despite how popular movies like to portray them. Sure, these movies may lead one to believe that an attorney’s role is one of a histrionic nature. However, by interviewing an attorney here, at King Law-Rutherfordton, I have found that attorneys do nearly all of their work outside of the courtroom. My conversation with attorney Ivana Hughes informed me on how attorneys are persistently preparing to represent their clients. So, what do attorneys do when they’re not with you?



The arguments one can see in court are entirely the product of meticulous research and comprehensive thought and consideration.

Attorneys must investigate to seek the best method of representing their clients. An example of this is when attorneys conduct case reviews with paralegals to strategize how their client’s case will need to be represented given the decisions of similar cases, and, after much deliberation and examination, draft well-constructed arguments to best represent their client in court.


Preparation for Court

Most people have an understanding of how an attorney conducts himself or herself in court. With that being said, many are unaware of the preparation one must undergo before he or she ever steps foot into the courtroom.

To prepare for court, attorneys conduct discovery to gather evidence for use in court. This can be everything from questioning different parties through a process termed a “disposition,” to collecting documents, and issuing subpoenas. Subpoenas order a person to be present at a specified date and time to testify as a witness in regards to a case or for the inspections and review of documents.

Attorneys often negotiate with the opposing side to reach a compromising arrangement in an effort to elude going to trial. In criminal cases, this negotiation means consulting with the District Attorney on how the charges may be reduced with regards to certain factors or considerations.

Nevertheless, in the event that a case goes to trial, attorneys must diligently work to prepare the best arguments for their client in regards to the arguments of an opposing party. This preparation includes constructing detailed chronological trial notebooks, these normally are comprised of numerous arguments, tactics, and documents that the attorney believes will be useful in trial.


Community Outreach

I know this post is supposed to “let you in” on what attorneys do when you are not around, however, with that being said, you may have spotted attorneys from King Law at various community outreach events. Ms. Hughes gave me insight on how she and the other King Law attorneys often volunteer within the community, and I find it necessary to spotlight the effort that these incredibly busy attorneys put into their commitments to service. Also, King Law conducts numerous events in which they dedicate their time to reaching out to the pubic and connecting with those in their communities.

Now you know more about what attorneys do when you are not speaking with them on the phone, consulting with them in person, or meeting them in court. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like they have a pretty jam-packed day.


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