Are you ready to change your name in McDowell County, North Carolina?

When having a baby, one of the most important early decisions is the name.  For many, it is a decision that was made long ago when carefully planning every detail of your future life, and, for others, it may be a last minute decision.  With online resources, you can find literally thousands of name possibilities to choose between.

For some, the decision on a name is not over with a birth certificate.  If you find yourself wanting to change a name, whether it be for a minor child or for an adult, an attorney may be able to help you make that change.  In certain specific situations, North Carolina law will allow you to make a change.  While the process is much different for children and adults, the change may not be as difficult as you expect.

By statute, North Carolina added a few hoops for adults to go through in order to change a name.  You are now required to file affidavits of character and have background checks done by both the SBI and FBI.  An experienced attorney can walk you through each of these steps, taking the pressure off you and dealing with the legal aspects.  If you are ready to move forward from a negative stigma associated with your current name, no matter which part, it may be time to consider a name change.

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