Businesses and Foreign Workers – What Type of Visa Applies?

If you run a small to medium sized business in North Carolina and are interested in hiring foreign workers, you have many options to choose from and important decisions to make.  Generally speaking and with many exceptions, there are three common non-immigrant worker visas which allow you to hire foreign workers to help with your business.

The first is an H-1B Visa.  The H-1B Visa applies to “skilled” workers.  This is typically someone trained in science, mathematics, engineering or technology, but can even be applied to fashion models.   It is subject to strict yearly quotas so it is critical to act quickly if you think you have potential workers that may qualify.

The second most common non-immigrant worker Visa is an H-2A Visa. This applies to seasonal agricultural workers.  In many rural communities and neighborhoods it may be difficult to find agricultural workers willing to work on a seasonal basis.  An H-2A allows you to hire foreign workers willing to do that work with the understanding that they will only be needed temporarily.

The third common type of non-immigrant worker Visas is an H-2B Visa.  This also applies to workers on a more temporary basis but for non-agricultural businesses.  If there is an insufficient amount of workers to work on a temporary basis in your job, you can search for and hire foreign help.  This commonly applies to ski-resorts, hotels, construction companies, golf courses, and many more.

There are many benefits to hiring foreign help – whether that is finding highly skilled technical workers or to fill a void in your temporary workforce with legal, efficient, and cost-effective help.  While often useful, it is full of legal requirements that often go overlooked.  If your search for workers is done incorrectly, the hiring process can take much longer and cost much more than necessary.  King Law Offices has skilled and experienced attorneys that can walk you through the process to make sure your small business has a strong and efficient work force ready to take on the future.  Call today for a complimentary consultation to see if a worker visa is right for you.